Friday, February 23, 2018

Today is Windy

The tree closest to our front door has a wind chime hanging from a branch I can see from the dining room window. I noticed it not long after we moved in. Because of the height of the tree, I'm going to estimate that the chime was placed there when the branches were more accessible to the ground, maybe twenty years ago, maybe more. From anywhere in the house, I can hear the wind before I can see it. The wind chime isn't fancy, but it makes one of my favorite sounds.


  1. We have a sweet chime under our bedroom window - just love to hear it softly chiming - sounds like distant church bells. I took it from my Dad's house when he died - he loved to lay in bed at night - see the moon over the lake and listen to the chimes - I think of him each time I hear them, Miss my Dad even though he has been gone eight years.

    1. It's beautiful that you can have something that brought your dad joy, now do the same for you. XoXo