Monday, March 5, 2018

The Essentials, If You're 11 Years-Old

(Super Cool Bookcase Courtesy of Miss Ilene)
Trophies "Mostly participation and that means not real, but there's two real ones."
Dodger Bobbleheads
Pokemon Plushies
The World
An Old Monkey Bank
A Robot and a Wind-Up Car
A Cool Mine Craft Art Piece Felix Made
Football Picture of Grandpa Ed When He Was 11
So Many, Yet Never Enough, Baseball Cards
Disco Light
CD Player, 5 Michael Jackson CDs, and the Star Wars Soundtrack
Mighty Mouse Needlepoint Great Grandma Ruth Made for Dad When He Was a Kid
A Nutcracker Named Steve
Games and Puzzles
Baseball Conditioning Weights
Seven Pairs of Swag Sunglasses Dad Brought Home From a Tech Conference
Mason Jars Filled With Change and Erasers
And Books