Monday, April 16, 2018

Nothing Broken

Just a sprain. "Just." And a skinned knee and an EXTRA skinned arm. All from running down the sidewalk. One tree root in the path and blammo - no baseball for a week. Or two. Or.


  1. Boys (and men) - accident prone - sometimes it's amazing to watch - like dominos - my husband is one accident after another - our Doctor said it seems some people just are accident prone including her son. Hang in there - There are lulls sometimes - LOL Mary Ellen

  2. I feel for you.. my grandson broke his wrist in practice and will miss over half of his freshman season. Weird how much baseball comes to mean to kids, parents, and grands..Here's hoping for fast healing for Bob!

  3. With us it's the Grand-Daughter that is coming home with cuts, bruises and the like since she's more Sporty than her older Brother. She sometimes looks like a battered child she's got so many playground related accidents... now that she's a Tween I thought perhaps she'd be more ladylike in her activities and heal all her Sports wounds once and for all? *LOL*

    1. I mean, it's great they're "active" and everything but... Haha!