Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Levi Rosenberg, Charge Nurse


Patient, Lisa Rosenberg, was up during the night. I followed her around the house. Watched patient eat a mashed banana at 3:15am. Side note: I do not like mashed bananas, I prefer the peels.

Patient is on bed rest. Passes time playing Wordscapes game on cell phone. Have observed some cheating.

Mrs. Rosenberg, reports pain at oral surgery site, but still requests coffee at odd hours.

Patient hogs all pillows in bed.

When patient appears to be in distress, I move to head of bed and get into the "small spoon" formation for cuddling purposes. This appears to calm her.

I often lick patient's ice pack to ensure it is still cold. And delicious.

Patient is expected to make a full recovery in 24-48 hours. Although she is sometimes fussy, I will miss having her under my constant care and watchful eye.


  1. Awww...the sweetest! Feel better! XOXO

  2. Too bad he can't go for a coconut ice cream run. Feel better!