Saturday, May 16, 2009

Shiny Objects

Much of my life is an overwhelming in-box of messages informing me on how it should be done and then, done better. The Oprah and The Orman, Dr. Sears, Dr. Gupta, Dr. Phil, The NYT, The WSJ, The NPR, The E! Network and The Dalai Lama all jockey for position. I am inundated with advice and next best things for parenting, living through the recession, going green, eating organic, creating, recreating, relationships, career, spirituality, must-read books, must-see movies, I-pod playlists, and how to get Michelle Obama’s well toned arms. This information overload sends me tip-toeing back to my bed to curl into a ball for the tiniest of 2 week naps. Not much is gonna get done that way. I need to think about it all, but just a little.

Smacksy is my attempt to take on the distractions, one at a time. I have long held the belief, that balance in life isn’t something that can fit into a 24-hour period. (This is how I continue to rationalize my apparent inability to meditate and floss on the same day.) At best, I am shooting for a well-balanced week, or more likely, a trying really, really hard couple of months. I am weighing my options.

Plus, the baby Jesus himself will tell you that what the world needs now is another blog. I’m just doing God’s work everybody.


  1. Wonderfully done Lisa! You took many of my fears of Full-time Connectedness, parenting, and media whoredom, and condensed it into a lovely little blogoscript (not to be confused with Blogo-script, that would take much more hair) of perfect length. Quite lovely! I look forward to being a frequent visitor and occasional pithy contributor...please thank Bob for signing the waiver for his pic release rights. Bravo!

  2. Oops, that's Blago-script...not that I want to give that turd any more virtual ink.

  3. You and I have a lot of the same interests! Awesome that you are blogging!

  4. Yay someone else is doing God's work lol! way to go Lisa you are such an amazing writer can't wait till the next blog! And I am ever so pleased too that Bob has signed releases on his photos.

  5. Thanks for the encouragement everybody. As long as Bob continues napping regularly, I may be able to pull this thing off.

  6. Nice Nice NIce Nice!! that's four on a scale of four

  7. Lisa, you and Jesus are the best! Keep on doing his work, and I will happily read it.


  8. Hey Lisa--I really like the blog. It looks great and I can't wait to read your next post.

    Thanks for sending it on.

    Take care (Hello to Jeff)--

  9. I entered my URL wrong. It's

    That's my poor, neglected blog. (I also heard the call.)

  10. Come back to the blog-world Deborah! Don't abandon the org!

  11. Dear Lisa, you had me laughing out loud! Thanks!
    I will send this on to my kids with the 3 month old.
    Your Mom sent me a sample of the greening one (I just had to google what you googled to find out what it was...I am glad I am not a young gal these days.), and then I read through the potty training and Curious George ones. Oh, thank you again for the belly laugh!
    Love to you all down there,
    Patti M.