Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Reconnaissance Mission

"Bob? If daddy is going to be able to work from home today we're going to have to be very quiet."

"Why is the bedroom door closed?"

"He's on a conference call and he needs some privacy."

"Then I will have to spy on him?"


"I am good at sneaking."


  1. he understands in such an interesting way. coolest kid ever. period.

  2. Oh my sympathies to Mr Rosenberg.
    The snow has left me stranded on the end of a wire and phone this week.
    Just as an Important Conference Call commences, Badger the cat likes to launch herself from the end of the chair, at the christmas tree.
    As if to cause the most disturbance, she has impeccable timing.
    And aim.

  3. I like your response "obviously" haha.

  4. I'm with Bob. I would be lost without my natural sneaking abilities.

    Anna out.

  5. Okay, just want to know how that worky/sneaky thing is working out for ya!

  6. And this is why Daddy goes to work in an office every day.