Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Assistant

Bob and I were at Von's. He helped me load our groceries onto the conveyor belt at the check out.

"I've got to remember to call Shelley back," I whispered under my breath.

A few hours later I sat at the dining room table working on the computer. Bob was playing quietly in his room. He stuck his head out of the doorway, "Mom? Don't forget to call Shelley back."

And then I hired him to keep track of my schedule.


  1. I really do believe you could write a sitcom around this stuff. The hard part would be finding someone to play Bob. No one could top him.

  2. kids are good at remembering things

  3. They are so wonderful, for so many, many reasons.


  4. That's the best. Nothing better than knowing they are paying attention.

  5. What a little sweetheart. <3 Never too young to get them working. ;)

  6. Mine's on the payroll for reminders AND for finding everything I lose track of. Sadly, this is the truth. I pay her in sandwiches.