Monday, March 12, 2012

The Best

"I found the best stick in the world and it has three leaves and this acorn hat on it and I'm going to need to let it live in the house for the rest forever. You know what I mean, Mom?"


  1. A good stick can really make your day.

  2. I'll bet any stick would be right happy to live at your house, with Bob at his side... shucks. :)

    1. There is a happy family of sticks camped out in the living room right now.

  3. For the rest of forever. Definitely gonna use this in my everyday vocabulary. no joke.

  4. The stick debate is rampant in my house. We finally agreed he can collect any sticks as long as they stay right outside the front door. It's worked very well.
    On Saturday, the gardeners "cleaned up" all the sticks.
    This did NOT go very well.

    New plan: Sticks come in the house Saturday mornings and go back outside Saturday afternoons.