Friday, May 11, 2012

Says Who?

 "Mom? What's disco?"

"It's a kind of music and dancing that was really popular about thirty years ago."

"I heard it died. Is it dead?"

"Some people think so."

"What does the dance look like?"

"Kind of like this - watch."

"Mom? Are you okay? You can stop now... Mom?'


  1. Ha. This morning, Flo Rida came on the kitchen radio and I brought it to the floor, Auggie says, deadpan as can be: "Normally? That would be a really good dance. On you? It's disturbing."

  2. This one made me CACKLE LOUDLY. I love you and Bob. Okay, and Jeff. Fine, Violet too.

  3. Are you anywhere near the Higgins Armoury Museum? They're having a Star Wars day...

  4. Keep that dance in your back pocket for when he's 14 and being rude to you in front of his friends. It'll come in handy.