Monday, May 7, 2012

The smallest one was Madeline...

"Boys and girls, today Bob's mom has come to school this morning to read a book to the class. Let's say good morning to Bob's mom."

"Hi, Bob's mom."

"Good Morning everyone. Today I'm going to read one of Bob's favorite books, "Madeline." Madeline is a little girl who lives in a city called Paris in a country called France. Has anyone here been to France? And Bob's raising his hand, yes Bob?"

"You guys I've been to France but I was a tiny baby and it was a really long airplane trip and I was awake the entire time, like twelve hours. Right, Mom?"

"Very, very right, Bob."


  1. And the other passengers probably remember it, too.......

  2. Those memories are so very, very precious. And sharp.

    Consider the alternative, however. We once flew to Spain and the five year old slept the whole entire way! Which was awesome! Until the end of our 27 hour travel day, when I wanted to collapse into our rickety Spanish bed, only to find the 5 year old standing at the footboard wide awake and raring to go, and the husband already in Deep Snore Cycle Nine. What's another 8 hours of being awake after you've hit hour 27, anyway?

  3. We love Madeline as well!

    Trips with stories are the best kind.