Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bob and His Pouffe

My adorable-genius friend, Amber, is a mom of three kids under six. Amber and her family live in a two bedroom house and storage is obviously in high demand. She was looking for something cute to hold the ton-load of stuffed animals that seem to re-produce on their own in every kid's room. She couldn't find much beyond baskets and those hang-y net tube looking things. So, Amber (here's the genius part) designed her own thing called a "Pouffe." It was so awesome and so many friends loved it that Amber and her friend Andrea started a company called Red Zipper Designs to keep up with the pouffe demand.

Here's how the pouffe works: It looks like a big ottoman, beanbag chair deal. It has a zipper that goes all the way around the middle and opens up where it can store stuffed animals, extra bedding, off-season clothes: lots and lots of stuff. You zip it back up and it's an adorable little pouffe. They're great in a kid's room but they are Pottery Barn-ish looking so they can work in the living room too. Plus, they are machine washable. Bob has the blueberry one and he loves hanging out on it.

Red Zipper is having a tremendous sale on the pouffes for the holiday weekend. They are regularly $160 and this weekend they're on sale for $99. Go check them out here.

This isn't a paid advertisement, you guys. I just love me some pouffe and I think you will too.


  1. that is seriously cool! too bad I finally purged all my stuffed animals. they would have loved living in the pouffe. instead they were hidden away in the garage for years, stuck inside a plastic bag, before I freed them and donated the ones that weren't too tattered. bob's animals are lucky.

  2. Genius! Also, love Bob's shadow on this pic, very Peter Pan-esque! :)

  3. WOW what an amazing idea. Jack has way too many animals.