Saturday, October 20, 2012

Smacksy Saturday Photo: Retro Smacksy

Tonight is my 30 Year High School Reunion. Here I am back in '82, rocking some serious brows. How is it possible that was so long ago? How is it possible that I didn't have tweezers?


  1. How is it possible you're even more beautiful now?

  2. Lisa, you look so gorgeous! Both your high school self and your current self (and all the version in between) are lovely and amazing.

    Have a blast at your reunion! Rock Lobster!!!



  3. So pretty and innocence then; so beautiful and wise today.

    Have a blast, Lisa!

  4. Award for Least Changed, Lookswise, since High School goes to Lisa (points off for improved eyebrows now.) Prepare for envious looks from your classmates, I'm afraid.

  5. It's a wonder what not changing your hair-do does for the not changing thing! xo

  6. You look exactly the same! Molly

    1. Thanks, Molly. I think I still have that sweater...

  7. Awesome brows! I just had my 35 reunion, you are just a youngun'.

  8. I have 2 words for you: Brooke Shields. Queen of the 80's eye brows. You were perfectly in style. :)

  9. First of all, thick, dark hair is nicely balanced by thick, dark eyebrows. Okay, Frida Kahlo overdid this a bit, but your 1982 self looks just fine.
    Also, your high school has its reunion in October? I thought it was somehow mandatory that those were all done in the summer. Maybe that's just in Utah.
    And, finally, at least you still look good enough to show up at your reunion! Since women are always judged by their looks instead of their accomplishments, I won't bother to go to my reunion, for my added dress sizes will most certainly "outweigh" my numerous degrees and career achievements. At least "Lisa got fat" will not apply to you as it does to me.

  10. I remember this girl too!
    It was great to see you again at the reunion and to meet Jeff.
    PS. Not sure I can continue reading your blog; feels like snooping. :)

  11. You look exactly the same.

    Except for that cute little man you always have with you now.