Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wash Me

"Jeff? Honey, do you have time to take the station wagon to get washed tomorrow?"

"Does it have to be tomorrow?"

"I keep having to go to the west side to places where I have to valet park."


"The car's such a wreck, I just know one of these days when I go to tip the guy, he's going to feel sorry for me and give me the money back."

"Got it."


  1. I love that he gets the car washed for you! I just get the side eye and a bunch of comments about how my car is going to repel water if I wait one more day. Ha!

    xo, K

    P.S. The valet people already feel bad for us when we pull up in our mom-mobiles so that part should make you feel better about the station wagon!

  2. I love it when trash falls out of the car when anyone opens a door. It distracts from the dirty exterior.

  3. Sounds like the perfect reason NOT to get it washed!