Thursday, May 30, 2013

Extreme Close Up

"Hi, Bob."


"Why are you so close to my face?"

"Is that a mosquito bite?"


"You have a bump on your face and a little hole. What's that hole?"

"Skin has lots of little holes all over it called pores."

"I bet that hole has alien babies in it."


  1. Have you had this child tested for giftedness? Seriously.

  2. The holes on my face definitely have alien babies in them. And alien adults. And they're all jerks.

  3. Ok, that is one of the funniest things Bob has said to date. Well, funny to me who has never had an alien size pore thingy...cough.

  4. Excellent Bobbiage, as per usual, but what really cracked me up was your label. Heehee.

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  7. Sigh...if you don't have thick skin b/f having'll definitely develop it after they arrive. Had this convo with my 6 year old:

    "Mom, sometimes your eyes look weird.
    "Weird? How do you mean?"
    "Well, sometimes they look like grandpa's with wrinkles in the corner.