Saturday, March 15, 2014

Smacksy Saturday Photo: Hairdo

Bob had his first professional haircut today. I have retired my services. Everyone is relieved.


  1. Work it, young Mr. Rosenberg! You look fabulous!


  2. I think we were in reverse. My son would get his haircut when he was little at the local barber. Somehow they just weren't doing that great a job so I started doing the cutting. I did it for years....until 7th grade. He had by that point been wearing it long (yes long long). His sisters and I thought maybe he might want to change things up as in wearing it shorter...which he did and we found a great hair cutter who he has been going to ever since. I have to say I really did enjoy cutting his hair. A way to still be able to bond and talk while I snipped away.

  3. I bet it looks great Bob. I hope you got a lollypop!

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