Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tiny Java

"Mom? Look there's a coffee maker as part of my police station set."

"They say police officers drink a lot of coffee."

"Yeah but Mom, you drink a lot of coffee."

"That's true. And I do love that little coffee maker."

"I knew you would. It's like Me = Lego plus You = coffee. You should post a picture of it on your blog, Mom."


  1. Do they have Lego doughnuts too?

    1. We were sad to discover that no, they do not. Cheerios work well to take their place though. xoxo

  2. So cute! I love his dirty little boy fingernails. Is it weird that I noticed that when I should be concentrating SOLELY on the tiny java?

  3. Cute. My brother (40 y/o cop) says today's cops are the new generation. Latte's and bagels.