Thursday, April 24, 2014

Pro Lingo

"So, Mom? In handball 'tapping' is when you throw the ball at the wall, well first you have to beat everyone that's playing in the court three times. You can 'tap' things that aren't in the game like 'black magic,' is when you miss the ball when you're gonna hit it and if you say 'black magic' it's a re-do. If it hits your shoe it's called a 'shoeshiner' and if it hits your body it's called a 'bloody block.' There's 'savies' and then there's 'hardies'  when you go really hard. 'Bullets' mean you're out. If you hit it over the wall it's called a 'parrot' and you're out if you do that. 'Waterfalls' are like when the ball goes down like a waterfall, like this. See? It's pretty easy."


  1. Good Lord! And I thought Pokemon was complicated! ;-)


  2. My children trying to teach me "the new way to play four square" sounded eerily similar to this.

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