Monday, September 1, 2014

White and Pink

Yesterday I stopped in to a florist shop to pick up some birthday flowers for a friend. I picked out some lovely sunflowers for her and had them wrapped up. Then I noticed this glorious arrangement of hydrangeas, roses, and orchids being put together. It was large and I couldn't afford it. I bought it. For myself. For no good reason and every good reason.

I might make it my new Labor Day tradition.


  1. Yay on doing something for yourself!

  2. Beautiful! How did you get it home? Too big for a cup holder.

  3. They're lovely!

    I buy myself a (small) bouquet every time my husband works a 36. Which is currently. So I'll be buying some tomorrow. And tea and tissues and honey, because I got a late summer cold. Yay?

    1. Yay - except for the cold part. Feel better quick! xo

  4. I would be delighted to bring you flowers. Doing an arrangement for you would be wonderful!!!! You deserve flowers every day and these are gorgeous. Good for you!


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  6. Yes! I am a big fan of buying yourself flowers. I once worked with a woman who joined a flower of the month club. Every month a gorgeous new bouquet arrived adding just a little sunshine to the soul crushing corporate hell we were all living through. I always thought she was a genius for doing that..e tu Smacksy.