Thursday, November 13, 2014

Three Wishes for a Thursday

Through the kitchen window, I saw little girl pass in front the house this morning. She had her father's hand in one hand and a sparkly magic wand in the other.  The wand was the kind with glitter and streamers, the kind that make wishes come true. As I keep one hand in my father's and one for offering up prayers, I have three wishes for today.

I have an elderly friend who has a host of medical conditions and has hit an especially rough patch. She is physically unable to get out of bed. She has twenty-four hour care, but her husband has passed on. She has no other family. She has no appetite and is having a hard time eating. Whether she decides to fight for this life or release it all and go home, my wish is that whatever is next in her journey that it be painless and graceful.

Today I have friends and family in the throes of chronic diseases like addiction and depression and the places where it seems that there is no way out. I wish for a reprieve for today from the despair and loneliness that come from the long hike through these territories, and the care that they need and the hope and help that is available.

As the holidays are speeding towards us, many are feeling a sense of loss, financial stress, and unmet expectations. For them, I wish a looser grip on the coming days and a deep breath for every twinkly light and every lit candle and peace for all of us.

What's your wish?


  1. Very valid wishes... here's hoping they come true, my friend. xo

  2. I find the stories and insights in Brian Weiss's books help me accept such things.

    Take good care,


  3. Just beautiful. I wish for your wishes to come true, and many, many more...


  4. Wishing you and your loved ones peace and light. They are lucky to have you on their side. xoxo

  5. I wish more people possessed your empathy and compassion.

  6. I feel out of place commenting on here, but I've been catching up on blogs and your post is definitely very sweet and thoughtful. I certainly wish for your wishes to come true and for more people to have that compassion and thoughtfulness towards others like you do.

  7. So I'm late... or I was too early yesterday?
    I can't add much to the comments already here.
    Your wishes for others are so spot on.

  8. All of the good folks above have it covered. I need a sparkley wand of my own. You were blessed/lucky to see the little woman child and her father.

  9. I am moved by the article you have shared!! We always wish for enjoyments and happiness for our holidays and never think about the downsides or the unhappy moments. But this article has made me to think to. Thanks for sharing!!