Thursday, November 27, 2014

Today's Gratitude List

  1. Thick blankets
  2. Converse All Stars
  3. Our dog and his exceptionally expressive eyebrows
  4. When the coffee’s still really hot
  5. Mike, the crossing guard by the park
  6. My mom
  7. One dollar coins
  8. Every 864 square foot of our house
  9. Satsuma mandarin oranges
  10. Those clouds that look like they’re in a painting with angels in it
  11. The nicest neighbors
  12. When my kid gets the giggles
  13. Jerry the handyman
  14. Crickets
  15. Playing my favorite song on repeat, over and over
  16. Our favorite waiter at the coffee shop
  17. My swell assortment of amazing friends
  18. The walk to school
  19. Used bookstores
  20. The cousins, the aunts, the uncles
  21. The wind chime way up on a high branch in the tree in our front yard
  22. When Mr. Rosenberg sits on the couch and plays guitar in the afternoons
  23. The DVR
  24. My book club ladies, my blogging ladies, my girl’s night ladies, my soccer mom ladies, my PTA ladies, my sober ladies
  25. Crushed ice
  26. The park by our house
  27. Baby animal videos
  28. My in-laws
  29. A good sneeze
  30. Vegetarian Pad See Ew
  31. Foggy beaches
  32. Cardigans
  33. The smell of a rainy day
  34. Comedy
  35. Right before the movie starts
  36. The red station wagon
  37. The sour part near the skin of the plum
  38. My wedding ring
  39. New school supplies
  40. When I see my suitcase come around on the luggage carousel
  41. You guys
Happy Thanksgiving, my American friends. 
Happy Thursday my friends from other countries.


  1. You must be my Sister.We are thankful for so many of the same things.
    I would add:
    My Kids who are all coming over today so we can celebrate together

    Happy Thanksgiving