Thursday, July 23, 2015

Like That Guy

"See that guy up there, Mom? That's the haircut I want."

"The guy with the soccer mullet?"

"It's called a 'faux-hawk' and they're epically cool. A bunch of guys I know have them."

"I thought those boys' heads were shaved because they had lice."

"Yeah, but it still looks really cool."


  1. Yeah... it's epically cool to have your head shaved because you have lice.
    I hear that girls do it, too.
    Ask Bob.

  2. Yes, the faux hawk is very in right now-- unfortunately. So is the (even worse) 90s Samari ponytail look (where the guy shaves his head except for a strip on top, which he grows long to put into a ponytail) -- only now the tail is folded under into the elastic band securing it and is called a "man bun."
    Why can't we have a re-run of the 80s preppy look, with all its neat-and-clean Oxford shirts and crew-neck sweaters?

    1. We might be in for the faux hawk. We'll see... xo

    2. Well, it's only hair. I'd say let him do it. If a kid can express mini-rebellions through hair, sometimes s/he's less likely to want to rebel with more permanent things (ear gauges, tattoos) later. (Yes, those can be reversed,but obviously hair's a lot easier when they want a change.)

    3. Good point. We're thinking in September, after an event we have coming up where lots of family photos will be taken! xo

  3. As always - your articles are astute and insightful