Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Minor Monday Miracle

Load up the station wagon with Bob's baseball stuff for first day of practice.
   Cell Phone Battery (CPB) 22%
 At stop sign on the way to the ballpark, notice light smoke coming from under the hood.
    CPB 20%
 Receive call from my mom that she is ready to be picked up from jury duty downtown.
    CPB 18%
 Convince myself that smoke is coming from car ahead of me.
    CPB 17%
 Drop Bob at ball field. Enter the 110 South freeway.
    CPB 16%
 Notice that oil temp gauge is in the red and smoke is indeed coming from under the hood.
    CPB 15%
 Immediately exit freeway and turn on heat full blast to take heat off engine.
    CPB 14%
 Pull over and stop in residential neighborhood to let car cool down.
    CPB 13%
 Call mom and tell her I will be a little late.
    CPB 12%
Text mother of Bob's teammate and ask if Bob can get a ride home from her.
    CPB 10%
Start car and drive four blocks until oil gauge reaches red again and then turn off engine.
    CPB 8%
Repeat seven times.
    CPB 7%
Pull into random mechanic shop.
    CPB 6%
Random mechanic shows me that station wagon's radiator is done for.
    CPB 5%
Approve estimate for new radiator that will be installed by tomorrow afternoon.
    CPB 4%
Summon an Uber ride.
    CPN 3%
Call Chao the Uber driver when we cannot find each other.
    CPN 2%
Meet Chao and drive downtown to pick up Mom.
    CPN 1%
Field 4 text messages regarding schedule change of my piano class.
    CPN .5%
Chao drops us at my mom's place and I borrow her car to get home.  
    Cell Phone Battery Dead
Bob arrives home.
Victory Dance.


  1. Good enough is good enough.
    Very nicely done.
    Rachel - a long time reader

  2. Thank goodness the Volvo lives, and for you knowing exactly what to do, and how to do it. This grownup stuff comes in handy.

  3. I read that as Chaos the Uber Driver and wondered for your judgment.

  4. This was more entertaining than the Oscars. And the nominated films.

    1. Is the part where I thank the Academy? xo

  5. Living on the edge.
    Lynn, another MacCrone victim

  6. I sweated that one out right along with you. WHEW.