Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Generations. 1985.
With Sandra St. Amand, Melva Zimmerman, and Easter Jane Dowell.

Women are fierce protectors.
Women are wisest teachers.
Women are their own and mine too.
Women are deep music.
Women are strength in numbers.
Women are life creators.
Women are secrets.
Women are tremendous beauty.
Women are artistic genius.
Women are holding hands.
Women are explorers.
Women are funny as hell.
Women are soul intuitive.
Women are athletes.
Women are dancing in love.
Women are wordsmiths.
Women are floating in spaceships in the galaxy.
Women are faith and hope and fire.
Women are earth keepers.
Women are climbing steepest mountains.
Women are fighting for other women.
Women are science.
Women are healers.
Women are made of stars.

It's International Women's Day.
Celebrate yourself or the woman near you.


  1. With every year, I grow prouder of the stock I come from. Beautiful words and beautiful women pictured.

  2. made of stars,

    This is so beautiful! At this moment I am in a house filled with boys. The only other female is our cat. I am celebrating her. Meow.