Thursday, June 8, 2017

Fetch! Nevermind.

This is Levi. Twenty-two seconds after meeting him, I knew he was one of the loves of my life.

And this is a tennis ball, fourty-three seconds seconds after meeting Levi.


  1. I love that Levi has caused you to need a new label category. Good boy, Levi xoxoxo

  2. Indeed. Friends are dropping off their dog Roux today so that I can watch him this weekend. Picking up all the destructible dog toys now. I first met Roux about ten minutes after they'd adopted him from a shelter and we instantly bonded. He's rather annoyed that I got my own dog - who is belligerent - but he's patient with her. For me.

    There's nothing like a good dog.

  3. Levi is a dog that absorbs people's emotions and wants to make things better by giving of himself. Which in turn will make him have to release those emotions somehow, like chewing up a ball. Kind of like a person chewing on their fingernails to release stress. A large marrow bone would make him very happy, and one for Ted too of course :)