Tuesday, August 22, 2017

If You Were Here Right Now

Ladybugs don't fly at night, so when you're releasing them into the garden, you do it after sundown.

If you were here right now...

I would make you an old-school hot chocolate.

We would lay on the couch and watch Lady Dynamite.

I would read your goddess cards.

Once it gets dark, you would help us release more lady bugs into the garden.

You and I would try out those black charcoal face masks.

We could sit out on the back porch with Teddy and Levi and feel the day cool into evening.

Bob would tell you that TACO CAT is a palindrome.

We would take turns reading Mary Oliver poems to each other. When we finished, we would take turns reading knock-knock jokes to each other.

I would order us matching pajamas off of Amazon.

We would play all the records from Mr. Rosenberg's record collection. We can start with Myron Floren playing "Lady of Spain."

We could walk a few blocks to the unlimited taco bar at La Fiesta Grande.

You would sit on the floor in the living room and rub two delightful dog bellies at one time.

We could draw mustaches on each other and post selfies on Instagram. (I think they call that Snapchat.)

I would tuck you into bed with one of Trudy's quilts.

Wish you were here.