Wednesday, December 13, 2017

A Snapshot

Last night Bob and I drove to Atwater Village to return an accordion to an accordion store. Our friend Dave played the accordion in a band here in LA on Saturday but he returned to New York on Sunday and the accordion place isn't open on Sunday and you get the picture. The place where we returned Dave's accordion is actually called Dave's Accordions.

Dave's is located in an old back alley storefront. The main room we entered through was long and narrow, the walls covered with accordions on both sides. When we got there, Dave was in the middle of a lesson. He and his young student sat side by side on folding chairs playing Lady of Spain.

Dave directed us to the back of the room where another guy prepared the rental return paperwork. While we waited, I noticed a small framed photo on the wall of a younger Dave taken in the early 1970s, sitting in that same room, giving a lesson to another young boy. Time stands still at Dave's Accordions.

I signed the paperwork and Dave nodded and smiled to us as we left. As we headed to the car, we could hear the opening strains of the Disneyland Pirates of the Caribbean ride theme song following us down the alley.