Monday, January 29, 2018

January is the Trader Joe's Parking Lot of Months

It's stupid January again and everyone's a little off.
We are grumpy and impatient and hurried and harried.
We are experiencing the long, drawn out, after holidays adrenaline crash.
We've got a cold or the flu or worse or we're taking care of people with a cold or the flu or worse.
The weather wherever you are is mostly weird.
We have already crashed and burned on most of our New Year's resolutions.
We wake up to more things we don't want to hear from people we don't want to hear them from.
We internally hear the sad trombone sound every time we open another email.
We are pretty sure someone gave us decaf this morning by mistake.
I will speak for all of us when I say, we're just kind of over it.

The good news is, by Thursday, January will be over.
There's a big crazy moon showing up on Wednesday night to remind us that it's time to leave Cold-Limp-French Fry-January behind and move on to Baby-Goats-in-Sweaters-February.
We can get there.
I know it.

Until then, this song always helps. Really. Always.