Wednesday, June 20, 2018

It Went Like This

On Sunday, Mr. Rosenberg received a catcher's glove and mask from Bob for Father's Day.

On Monday, Bob practiced pitching to Mr. Rosenberg. Mr. Rosenberg used the new glove but did not wear the mask. Mr. Rosenberg took a hard curve ball to the left cheek bone. They whole family spent the evening at the ER while Mr. Rosenberg received a CT-scan, ruling out a concussion.

On Tuesday, Mr. Rosenberg had a non-cancel-able DMV appointment to have his photo taken for his new Driver's License/ID. His swollen and bruised face will appear on this new card until 2028.

On Wednesday, Mr. Rosenberg had to answer the question, "What happened to your face?" approximately 47 times as he walked through his office. As he reports it, this story always ends with, "...because I'm dumb."

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