Friday, June 29, 2018

The Structure of Joy

Bob spent the week at Dodger Camp, a baseball skills day camp put on by the LA Dodger organization. He got to practice with MLB coaches and meet some Dodger alumni and current players. He had fun. Joy has been oozing out of him since Monday. (Oozing joy is more appealing than it sounds)

Tonight, we went to a game: Dodgers versus the Rockies. Our seats were next to the Dodger bullpen and just as starting pitcher Rich Hill walked on the field, he stopped and signed a ball for Bob. The woman we were sitting next to told us she has season tickets and has had her same seat next to the bullpen for fourteen years. She told Bob that in fourteen years, she had never seen any pitcher agree to sign an autograph while in the bullpen. Cue The Ooze of Joy. We also ate churros we bought from the churro guy who walked through the stands waving warm churros at the crowd yelling, "Churrrrrrrrrrros!"

When you locate the thing that causes you to ooze joy, figure out a way to do a lot of that thing. This past week of All Baseball All the Time was an amazing one for Bob. Now let's figure out our thing, you and me. I have a couple of ideas. What should you be doing?


  1. I love this! Thank you! I have ideas too. I’m so happy for Bob~ finding a source of joy at his age is wonderful!~ Cindy Mann