Monday, December 31, 2018

New Year's Eve

Levi is fine but he wasn't feeling great this morning. We took him to a 24 hour animal hospital about an hour away from where we're staying. There were tests and an ultrasound and something-something about elevated liver enzyme numbers. We spent the afternoon in a little room at the animal hospital with the vet checking in every half hour or so to update us on the situation. Levi is spending the night there to get fluids and antibiotics and other things and we should get to pick him up tomorrow.

It's New Year's Eve and I had every good intention of staying awake tonight until at least 10:00pm but at 7:00 when we finally got back and were having dinner, the bottom fell out of my energy situation.

"You guys, I got this New Year's banner but I'm too tired to put it together and hang it up so I'm just going to put the box here in the middle of the table and we can pretend. Bob, what are your goals for the new year?"

"Well... I want to make my baseball team better by being a better player. Oh, and keep getting good grades."

"Excellent. What about you, honey?"

"I'd like to find a job I'm excited about. Keep making and recording music, and find something we can do as a family to volunteer our time to a cause we believe in."

"I'm on board with all of that."

"What about you, Mom?"

"I haven't come up with anything yet. Do you have any ideas for me, Bob?"

"You should keep writing."

"Check. Anything else?"

"I don't know, Mom. You're pretty good already."

"Babe, you're the sweetest."

And then I went and poured a cup of 7:30pm coffee so I could make it until 10:00pm.


  1. Lovely New Years discussion! I was done at 10 too.

  2. I agree - you (like Mary Poppins) are already practically perfect in every way! And I hope dear Levi is doing great today - fully recovered... Happy New Year to ALL of you! XOXO