Tuesday, February 19, 2019

A New Issue

You may recall my habit (obsession) of organizing various areas of Airbnb or VRBO kitchens. The cabin we stayed in last weekend created some real problems for me. Everything was pretty well organized. Apart from the toile valances that I wasn't really feeling, but that's more of a taste and cleanliness issue, this kitchen was a-okay organizationally speaking EXCEPT it was laid out just wrong.

The plates and bowls were located in the cupboard above the sink and while the folks get points for keeping them near the dishwasher area, unless you were Mr. Rosenberg's height, you weren't really going to be able to reach those top shelves. They were using what should have been the plates area on the other side of the little galley kitchen for heavy bowls and casserole dishes which should have been on the lower shelves. Short of moving everything around, which felt too invasive for even serially invasive organizer me, my hands were tied.

The spice area was tiny and had very few items in it so I felt weird about throwing stuff away. I half-heartedly straightened the six things on the shelves. Somehow, I managed to enjoy a perfectly lovely weekend anyway, despite my crazy.


  1. Yea, you should have moved everything around, lol.
    -Shirley B.