Wednesday, March 25, 2020

May 21, 1944

May 21, 1944

Hello Puss,
Too bad about the cat - thought he was tops even tho' I didn't used to care for them.

I hope you got the wire I sent. You mentioned a package in your last letter and I think it is here in England but it will be a bit before I will be able to get it. Will let you know when I do. Thanks a million, Puss!I will always try to show you how very much I love and care for you, be it two years or fifty and I hope it will be fifty. If the army can't change my mind about you nothing can and I think I know whereof I speak for I have seen many things and many people since my entry in the service.

The army affects the boys in a different manner but it to me has only cut my desire to get ahead here. Over a period of four years it has made me want to get this business over with and come back to you - get a new business underway, do a bit of traveling together, have a home and bring up Sandra. But most of all it has shown me how grand you are and without your love how empty everything would be. I miss you and need you so much.

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