Monday, March 16, 2020

May 4, 1944

May 4, 1944

Hello Puss and Little Puss,
I've picked up a couple of expressions here. "I" means yes, "A" means what, and another very common yes is "um." "Ta" means thank you and "ta ta" means goodbye. Right now, the pound here is worth exactly $4.03 USD.

Post cards here are nearly impossible to get and of the place I'm in would be impossible to send because it is, of course, a military secret. I did manage to find a few of Scotland that I will send separately. High Street Berewick upon Tweed is a rather familiar scene in as much as the general appearance goes. Kings of the Broad Highway looks a lot like many of the things done in this country. The picture of the ships in the Pacific was a familiar one and the only way I could get the general idea of our voyage to you.

I'm saving all my love for you for when I return and I know you are doing the same. So please, Puss, take good care of yourself for me for we will be so happy together when I do get back.  I sincerely believe that by the will of God, I will come back to you.

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