Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Overheard at the Play-date

"Bob? Thanks for having me over for a play-date. My dad told me to stop asking him all the time about coming over to your house."

"My mom said that to me too about play-dates!"

"Yeah. It takes planning from our parents and that means a phone call or maybe an email."

"I know."

"So yeah, he told me I have to be patient."

"Mia? You really have to just keep asking anyway. That's how it really happens."


  1. If I had a quarter for every time my son asked me for a playdate, I'd be rich. Heck, I'd be rich by the time we got home from preschool. It's non-stop. Glad to know it's not just my kid.

  2. If that is not the cutest photo EVER! Perhaps someone could make a little sculpture out of it for the top of their wedding cake ...

  3. Bob's how-to book better be the second in your series. Not kidding.

  4. Lisa, how does your heart not break into a million pieces every day what with all his cuteness?

    I think it must, and you're just really good at developing scar tissue.

  5. So sadly true.

    My son got me the other day, too.

    I have to get on that phone and call.

  6. awww... they're holding hands. cute

  7. It's true...squeaky wheel and all that.

  8. LOL Bobbed has you (and all parents) pegged. If you do not ask, you will not receive. ;)

  9. DAMN! He's so SMART! And wise, which is completely different.