Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Well Played

"... And then if the monster kicks me in the tummy, I'll kick him back in his tummy and then I can karate chop him and then..."

"Bob? It seems like most everything you talk about lately is sort of violent."

"You mean monsters and hitting and everything?"

"Yeah. It's making me think we might be reading too many Star Wars books. Can you try talking about some things that aren't about fighting?"

"Okay, Mom. What are we having for dinner? You mean like that?"


"So really, Mom. What are we having for dinner?"


  1. It's a phase and boys go through it for, oh, about their entire lives.
    Violence, sex, what's for dinner.
    Sometimes cars and boats.

  2. Oh...oh...

    a woman in my shoes.

    I live with 3...THREE...3!


    In case you missed that number: I live with 3 boys.

  3. Likewise at the Parikh household. Killing and dying are common themes.

  4. he's so easy going and adorable. one lucky mom!