Friday, April 1, 2011

Next Time? Gift Card.

photo from here

"Mom? Did you get Luis a birthday present?"

"I did."

"His party is tomorrow."

"It is."

"Did you get him a Star Wars thing? Is it the Mandalorian Battlepack? Is it the Imperial V-Wing Starfighter? Is it the Battle of Endor? Is it the Snow Trooper Battlepack? Did you get an action figure? Is it a Star Wars Sticker book? Is it the mini-figure alarm clock? Is it an Attack Shuttle? Is it the Republic Swamp Speeder? Is it? Is it that? Do you even know what you got? Mom? Mom!"


  1. I am reading you from France. I can always tell when you've been up late. This one was posted after one, methinks...

    The Bob is hilarious. It is hard to stay ahead of a quick little mind like his.

    Sweet dreams. X0 N2

  2. Let me guess: I bet ALL those things on Bob's "wish list" cost over $75.

  3. I remember when I bought a present for my son's friend's birthday, thinking it was the right Transformer.

    OH MY GAAA! It wasn't. My son was mortified.

    Who knew you could pick the wrong Transformer?

  4. That is quite a list. I've given up on trying to buy the presents myself for just the reason The Empress stated!
    Have fun at the party!

  5. Again, how do you remember Bob's stream of consciousness long enough to write it all down? That boy is quick!

  6. he is full of ideas. so incase you don't now what to get him....

  7. So you had to return the Hungry, Hungry Hippos?