Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Every morning between 3:30 and 4:00, Violet pads into our bedroom. She sits down near Jeff’s side of the bed and the meowing begins. She reserves her special car-alarm-sounding meow for this time in the morning. She doesn’t do this when Jeff’s out of town. This is meant just for him.

Jeff heaves out of bed and gets her a bowl of water. The howling continues. He opens a new can of cat food and places it in a dish on the counter. Still with the howling. He turns the faucet on for a light drip for her to drink from. The howling stops for a minute or so and then starts again. He picks her up and carries her to the couch while she mashes her head into his neck, her version of a hug. Jeff returns to bed and goes back to sleep.

Every morning.

I finally wake up, long after Jeff has gone to work. I pick up Violet and smell her head, the tiny fur head that smells just like Jeff’s neck.


  1. I am new to Smacksy and oh, how I wish I had found you earlier.

    I look forward to being with you every morning.

  2. Jeff is one patient and long suffering man. I fear my man would let the cat out one night and "forget" to bring her back in if that happened here.

  3. This is SO. SWEET.

  4. See? This is why I love cats. What other animal can get away with this kind of behavior? Except maybe a human :)

    Too sweet that he gets up and takes care of her like that. Even more sweet that you pick up the cat to smell your husband.

  5. The two dog-monkeys that live with me often will stay under the covers long after I've showered and made coffee.


  6. How funny!

    Our cat, Yeller, does a similar thing, and only to my husband. Yeller knows that he can get Mark to let him outside at 3:30am. He does not wake me up, but meows and climbs up on furniture, making lots of noise, until Mark responds.

    It's a vast cat conspiracy....

  7. I had cats, and I don't miss cats. I loved them but boy do I appreciate Goldie (my dear dog), who, when told, goes back and lays down and goes to sleep. Unlike cats.

  8. You can sleep through all that? (just kidding!)