Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Now We Are Six

Dear Violet,
I am writing to you because you are behind the clothes washing machine and can not hear me very well because Mom told me that I need to use my quiet voice that I use for kitties and babies because you are scared a little bit. Hi Violet. My name is Robert Edward Rosenberg and I am also Bob. I am in your new family and this is your new house where you live. I think you are nice. Do you like Star Wars? I like Star Wars. We are from earth, you and me too.

You are living in our house because Miss Diana from three houses down in the green house, died because she was very sick and she had five kitties and we picked you and we love you because we heard you were the loneliest kitty and everything. Miss Diana got to move to heaven so you got to move to here. I like you. Pearl is always in my closet in the daytime because she is nocturnal and she is crabby but she will like you because she is also a cat like you are. Daisy is a dog and is always excited and she will like you because Daisy likes everyone.

You can stay behind the clothes washing machine for as long as you want and we will bring you snacks there. I will sit next to the clothes washing machine sometimes and say, "Hi Violet. I love you," to you and so if you hear that, it is me, Robert Edward Rosenberg. You will have to listen hard because I am using that tiny, tiny, tiny, kitty voice.

I love you Violet. The end.
Your pal,
Bob Rosenberg


  1. Dear Violet, I think you've come to the right place to get all the lovin' you'll need to stop being afraid.

  2. Awww, congratulations on the new addition to the family. If you like, I can loan you Spike the Hotness Monster to parade back and forth in front of the washer. One look at his feline pulchritude and she won't want to waste time sniffing dryer sheets. She'll be off on a Vespa waiving a paw and saying Ciao! as she heads off into the sunset to go Salsa dancing.

  3. I was going to say that we all need Bob Rosenburg and his wisdom but then I realized that because you share him, we do.

  4. Whatever office Bob runs for when he grows up, I'm voting for him.

    (But don't let him run for office, okay? He's too wise and good for politics.)

    Violet is a lucky little kitty. She'll catch on to that when she unclenches a bit.



  5. Love letters to kitties too? Oh, that Bob... smooch!!

  6. Oh that is the sweetest love poem to a kitty ever. I need to squeeze that Bob and that poor little Violet if and when she ever comes out from behind the clothes washing machine.

  7. I'm using my tiny, tiny, tiny kitty voice to say "I love you Bob.

  8. Oh, somehow I knew Bob would be like this.

  9. Hi! Can I be cheeky and ask you where you got your 5 buttons at the end of your posts? I love them and would like them on my blog! Thank you! Sarah

  10. I wish Bob could marry into my family. But so far it's just my 9 month old son....would you be cool with that?

    I mean, once they're older. Like 10 or something.

  11. Bob has put a big smile on my face.

  12. I should be studying but your blog is keeping me from my work. Dang woman, why must you write about your incredibly interesting family? It's keeping me from work I have to do.

    I am Fickle Cattle.