Sunday, June 27, 2010

Smacksy Sunday Links

Some Sunday Bob

My bloggy mom friend Tracey is an excellent photographer and her blog Pen and View showcases many of her gorgeous photos. Tracey passed along this link to me yesterday and I love it. Dad Life is funny and sort of true and made Jeff shudder that he is totally one of these dads.

I know Keaton and Nicholson were technically the stars of Something's Gotta Give, but really, that beach house should at least get a supporting actor credit. That kitchen, are you kidding me? Hooked On Houses is a blog that explores the interior design of many of the best TV and movie houses. I'm completely addicted to it. Fine. I'm "hooked."

And then a clip of supreme cuteness. Not the Bonnie Hunt part, the other part. I mean, Bonnie's cute and everything but that's not the point.

Dad Life from Church on the Move on Vimeo.


  1. I'm a Pen & View fan too.. Amazing photography.

  2. I am forwarding this video to my husband. Really funny. And the dog video gave me a cavity. Sweetest thing ever.

  3. Man, .... I just never get tired of your bits...Lisa Thanks again, whenever things get me down,...I go to your Link and all is right with the world again, Bless you and BOB!,,...H ha!!! TTFN!MIA

  4. I especially love the Hooked On Houses link. I have often said that some of the houses in certain movies should get top billing. Crimes of the Heart comes to mind. Also the house in Meet The Fockers. And of course- the house in Away We Go because it looks so much like mine.

  5. Nancy Meyers, who directed "Something's Gotta Give" as well as "It's Complicated" is a complete perfectionist and has gorgeous style. Her sets are always perfect and breathtaking. I know. I've seen her in action.

  6. I just found "dad life", too. Loved it. Love your Sunday link ups. I"ve found so much through it, that I never would've found. Love your sunday funnies.

    I have you to blame for not being able to get "I'm not bluffin' with my muffin...mmamammamammamamamuffintop...she's got a lumpy body" out of my head for 2 weeks now.

  7. Loved these links, Lisa.

    I just discovered the Hooked on Houses site a couple months ago. And I barely knew what happened in the movie Something's Gotta Give because I was so entranced with the house. I"m a HUGE blue/white/neutral freak, so that house slayed me.