Monday, June 21, 2010

How to Keep a Secret by Bob Rosenberg

1. Make a really good crown for your dad for Father's Day.

2. The crown will have Star Wars characters and Cars stickers and other stickers and writing that your mom does and some crayon arts and that's what makes it super good.

3. The crown will be a secret. A secret is something where you don't tell your dad about the crown until Father's Day.

4. To make sure you don't tell the secret ask your mom in a whispery voice if you can tell your dad about his crown secret. Even though your dad is here you don't think he heard you.

5. Your mom says to "Shh" because she thinks you are going to tell the secret of the crown but you aren't.

6. Later, remind your dad that you are not going to tell him the secret about the crown you made him that is super good because it is a surprise only.

7. On Father's Day morning, jump on your dad's middle parts and tell him that it is time for him to have his surprise secret good crown that you made him that was a secret but isn't a secret now because it's Father's Day.

8. He will look super good in the crown, like the guys that work at In-N-Out burgers that use the microphones.

9. Your dad will wear his surprise crown and you guys can do Father's Day stuff together. Your mom will take pictures and you can wear your pajamas for most of the day and eat watermelon.

10. You will like secrets it just takes practicing.


  1. Absolutely precious. Sounds like a perfect Father's Day.

  2. *snort*

    I love the picture. Bob's Dad does look like the guy at the In-n-Out burger.

  3. That is a super good surprise crown indeed. I think Mr. Rosenberg looks like a king among dads.

  4. Can I adopt your entire family?

  5. Strangely enough, secrets are difficult to keep when you are 12 years old, too.

    And 44.