Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mr. Fix-It

"Do you want peanut butter on your toast, Poops?"

"Yes please, Mama. How is the oil spill in Mexeeeco?"

"It's really bad."

"Is it hurting the animals or the people?

"It's hurting everything and everyone."

"In the gulf of Mexeeeco?"

"Yeah. It's awful. Do you want jam too?"

"Strawberry, please. I think I am going to have to fix the oil spill myself."

"How will you do it?"

"I will need a giant hammer and a big, big, big, big, big rock explosion."

"That sounds like as good a plan as any I've heard."

"Then I will bring back all of the oily animals to our house and clean them one at a time in the bathtub."

"That's sweet, Honey,"

"I'm going to need a washcloth for the big animals."

"How long do you think that will take you to wash all of those animals?"

"I don't know but when I'm done, I'll have a party and hang blue streamers all around the galaxy."

"I love you."


  1. Not Just any doctor. The Doctor. You know who.

  2. Bob is going places....seriously no end to what the boy can do....

  3. World vision. It's so rare at his age. And blue streamers decorating the galaxy is the best way to celebrate ever. That kid is awesome.

  4. I love Bob. (You're okay too, I guess...)

  5. This is the sweetest conversation ever. All hail the little Mr. Fix-Its of the world.


  6. Bob is wonderfully extrodinary!! Logically has the oil problem fixed...I mean, come on, it's a damn good plan...then his tender heart is going to fix the animals as well. And to top it off he's throwing a bash to celebrate it all! I love this kid!

  7. How many wookies will he find, do you suppose?

  8. Oh, he's so sweet.

    Why does he always give me a lump in my throat?

  9. I love the idea of a big galactic celebration when this mess is gone. If it's ever gone. Bob, just keep pitching those ideas. I wonder how many 4-year olds it would take to make this right. I'd put my money on them over the geniuses who've got nothing so far.

  10. What a sweety-pie. Around here we'd call him a triple-pie boy: cutie-pie, sweetie-pie and smarty-pie.

  11. Wonderful -- maybe he and my Oliver could hatch a save the Gulf plan together! I just posted something about my son's plan the other day. I'm new to your blog from one of my all-time favorites -- Ms. Moon. I know that I'll be back!