Thursday, June 10, 2010


Our canine Rosenberg, Daisy, has been a little off the past few days. She hurt her front passenger-side paw during a long run on Sunday. There has been noticeable improvement but while she's healing, she's doing a lot of sleeping. She takes turns laying on all of the soft surfaces in the house and is giving the mailman a few days off from her intense bark/howl greetings. There are many peanut butter snacks involved.

"Mama? Daisy pooped."


"No, no. In the house. She pooped in the house."


"On the rug."

"Which one?"

"In the living room."

"I'll get some paper towels."

"Mama? I touched the poop with my hand."


"Because I wanted to see what it felt like."

"Fair enough. How did it feel?"

"All poop-y, I think."

"I guess that's a good sign."

"It's the first poop I ever, ever, ever, ever, touched."

"I wish I could say the same. I'm a seasoned veteran."

"It's the season of summer now."

"It is."


  1. I think Bob forgot the incident from last week, when he gave you his poop while you were on the phone.

    See? I remember!

  2. Aw, poor Daisy. Hope she's feeling better soon. Not caring where she poops is not a great sign.

  3. This makes me stop and think about all the poop I've handled in my lifetime. The number is WAY too high.

    Hope Daisy perks up soon. She is completely adorable.

  4. She felt better this morning- took a nice run with me and was in good spirits.

  5. What is so endearing is he felt he had to confess it to you.

    Makes me misty eyed, how you're his go to confessional.

    Ah, he adores you....

  6. i wish i could say i just touch my first dog poop.

    sadly, it is not so.

  7. You should have let him squish it between his little toes. That's the BEST.

  8. It really all comes back to the poop, doesn't it? Well, over here it does anyway.

  9. Ahhh summer...'tis the season of poop, really...

    Hope she's on the mend soon.

  10. I loved a comment of yours on Mz Maggie May's brilliant Flux Capacitor (re: underpants at the table). I am SO glad I found my way here. I shall be back.

  11. As Turk and J.D. say, "Everything Comes Down to Poo!" And may I add puke? Everything comes down to poo and puke.

  12. Everything comes down to poo. Is it rectal cancer or a touch of the flu?

    Sigh. Too much Scrubs.

    Bob is lying.