Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spilled Smells

photo from here

"Mom! The car smells bad. Like bottoms."

"I know. There's milk spilled in here somewhere and I can't find it."

"It needs to smell better super soon."

"I agree."

"It needs to smell like flowers and tree leaves and mint. Not bottom-y."



  1. A much nicer way of saying, "Smells like ass." But same-same.

  2. Flowers and tree leaves and mint. Bob likes all the smells I like.

    "Bottom-y" LOL

  3. I need to incorporate "Smells like bottoms" into my language instead of the aforementioned "smells like ass."

  4. I don't comment very often, because it would always be the same thing: That kid makes me laugh.
    Thanks for your doses of funny.

  5. Oh dear...we had that happen and every time it was warm the car smelled like dirty diapers. Never could get rid of the smell so I sure feel for Bob and your family.

    The only remedy was when we sold the car...

  6. Bottoms ... That's one scent they don't bottle up and sell. Hope you find the source sooner than later!

  7. That's hilarious.

    How was LTYM???? Know you all were awesome!!!

  8. Why does spilled milk always smell like a poopy diaper? This has been one of the greatest mysteries of my minivan.