Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Say What What?

"Popco-heh. Popco-heh. Popco-heh."
"Bob, what is that? What are you saying?" -
"That's how you say popcorn with a Spanish accent." 
"You're the best mom ever, Mom." 
"Thanks for telling me that today. I kind of feel like I've been dropping the ball lately." 
"That's okay. I've been dropping the ball too."
"You have?'
"Yeah, except I don't really know what that means."


  1. Everybody needs a Bob in their lives. I am so glad that you have yours.

  2. Just read this to Ringo.
    He would like me to write Bob and tell him this... "That was funny, Bob! Hey Bob, Hot-chot Hot-chot Hot-chot must mean hot chocolate with a Spanish accent! Bob you're nice. Bob, I've lost my marbles and I'm practicing saying hot-chot. That's all.