Tuesday, November 13, 2012


"But Mom, why does Dad have to go to Tokyo Japan?"

"He's going for work, Honey."

"But, Mom! Why?"

"He loves us and takes care of us by going to work and this is one of the things he does for his job."

"But, Mom! It's making me so sad that he's going to Tokyo Japan and I miss him so much, so much!"

"I'm sorry, Bob. We can see him on the computer and talk to him while he's gone. The week will go by really fast...  Do you want to practice singing one of your songs for the Kindergarten Thanksgiving Pageant?"

"Yeah, but first I'm going to cry a little bit because of the Sad-Tokyo-Japan-Dad thing. Then we can sing."


  1. Have fun, in Tokyo, J!

    And, Bob? Yes; it's best to get the cry out of the way first. Also, when Dad comes home?


  2. Sorry Mr Rosenberg will be gone so far, so long, but a sigh of relief that we're saying good bye to him -- and not Smacksy.

    Had chest pain for a minute there ...


  3. Oh, how Bob makes me smile. Next time I am sad, I will cry, then sing.

  4. Oh man, that is too cute! I read your Elvis Costello piece over at Midlife Mixtape the day it ran, but I didn't leave you a comment here. So better late than never I say! I"m enjoying your blog as much as I enjoyed that piece. Such fantastic writing. I'm glad I found you!

  5. Tokyo, Japan. Must be said in toto. So as not to confuse with Tokyo, Ohio. xx molly

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