Wednesday, December 26, 2012

99 Cent Gifting

Some years back, we began a tradition of letting Bob loose in the 99 Cent Store to do his Christmas shopping. As always, his picks were thoughtful, and this time he insisted on using his own money. Here are some highlights from his shopping trip:

Aunt Jen - Liquid Hand Soap  "Because she likes that green color."
Barry - Santa Hat  "For the celebrating."
Dad - Brown Baseball Hat  "So his head doesn't get cold since he doesn't have any hair."
Grandma Jan - Mixed Baby Lettuces  "She loves salad."
Auntie Dawn - Dog Biscuits, Ear Buds,  Long Stemmed Silk Rose  "Because her dog and also flowers are pretty and she has red colored hair."
Pops - Flashlight, Mentholated Analgesic Back Pad  "In case the lights go out and because sometimes his back hurts."
Mom - Striped Leg Warmers, Hair Scrunchies With Owl Decorations  "For her hair and legs."
(And apparently he knows I enjoy an 80's theme.)


  1. Okay, I seriously have to get to the 99 Cent Store because that stuff sounds awesome.

    Merry Everything!



  2. Such a great tradition! I love Bob's picks and his reasoning. Too sweet. Merry, Merry Ho Ho Chrismukkah!

  3. The Bobster is so thoughtful with his presents. He must get it from you and Dad. x0 N2

  4. We love Bob!! Bob is so superthoughtful and we are lucky to spend Christmas with him. Auntie Dawn loves her Rose and earbuds and her pup Lucia is happily working her way through the box of cookies.

  5. That is truly a brilliant idea. There's plenty of stuff to choose from and it won't break his - or anyone's - piggy bank.

  6. My friend takes Auggie to the dollar store every year and those gifts are my favorite favorite favorite. For the very same reason here--the reasoning behind his choices.

    I write them all down, word for word.


  7. Aunt Jen does love that color green.

  8. We did this this year too. YAY RAIN PONCHOS!