Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Little Brown Houses

On Friday morning, Bob and I made a swell little a-frame gingerbread house from a kit we got at Trader Joe's. I took Bob to school and when I returned, the house was gone and our dog Daisy had tell-tale frosting crusted on her paws and muzzle.

On Sunday evening, Jeff and Bob started another gingerbread house from a kit we got at Von's. After the walls dried, the guys discovered that they had mistakenly used the roof pieces for the walls.

Then Daisy somehow got up on to the counter again and made a meal of one of the roof/wall pieces.

We are now in the market for a third kit.


  1. Replies
    1. loved the comment...expressed my thoughts, exactly!

  2. Well, this explains why I saw Daisy having a press conference on TV with Gloria Allred.

    Circumstantial evidence!!



  3. I think this is the universe's way of saying "Hanukkah WINS!"

  4. In my head I'm singing the theme from Weeds :)

  5. Daisy has very strict quality control standards.

  6. Your optimism is so cute!

    One time we bought a gingerbread house kit from Target. We left it all boxed up and shrink wrapped in the middle of a large dining room table and left the house for awhile. It was no match for the Springer Spaniel.

  7. Daisy looks absolutely identical to my sister-in-law's dog, who also ate her gingerbread house just last week!