Friday, January 11, 2013


"Mom, why do you have two harmonicas in your purse?"

"I'm not really sure."

"There's a lot of crayons in here too."

"I bet."

"And a little plastic ninja, and tissue Kleenexes, and some paper notebooks, and a hole punch, and your glasses, and your other glasses, and a sunscreen thing, and what's this thing called?"

"That's a barrette for my hair. Are you done in my purse?"

"No. There's still more stuff and I didn't find your phone yet."

"My phone's on the kitchen counter."

"The kitchen counter's inside your purse too? Ha ha! Good one, right Mom?"


  1. What ARE you doing with two harmonicas in your purse since we're on the subject? Hee hee.

  2. I can see why there is a plastic ninja in there. But a hole punch, really?

  3. I love this. My mom's purse was the same way! She always carried crayons because it would keep us busy anywhere. Especially at the Drs office... we would draw on the paper that covered the exam tables. One Dr even hung it up!

  4. I accidentally hit my daughter in the head w/ my purse yesterday when I was picking it up off the floor and flinging it over my shoulder. Felt like a ton of bricks, I'm sure b/c there's a lot of weird stuff in there.

  5. Harmonicas? That's a little random. I have car freshener in mine. I'm not sure if that's random or not.

    1. It's all relative. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

  6. I have a harmonica box in my purse with no harmonica. We're soul mates.

    That was a good one, Bob!


  7. My aunt works at a check cashing store. One morning when she was opening these two goofs tried to rob her. She hit one upside the head with her purse, and almost knocked him out. They ran off after that.