Thursday, January 3, 2013

Rocking So Hard

"My band is going to be rock and roll like Black Sabbath but with some dance music and disco and a little jazz. Felix and Ringo and Cleo and Brandon can be the drummers. Micah can play the bass and Muan can do keyboards. Me and Desmond and Clementine and GeonHee can do guitars and I'm going to sing and do dancing and Sabine and Ferruccio might do dancing too. We'll be called 'Dynamite Menace.'"

"Our first songs are going to be called:
Dynamite Menace
I Say: No Victory
Magic of the Grave
(I'll tell you the story later, Mom.)
Wolf War

Robot Suit
We might do a country song too but I'm not sure yet. That's a maybe."


  1. Actually, those all sound like pretty valid rock titles to me.
    My brother put together his first band when he was 11. They played at the 6th grade dance. :)
    Someday, Bob. Someday.

  2. Please let us know when Bob lands his first gig! I want to come and do dancing.

  3. Ringo's all in. He's requesting to sing "The Flash" song he wrote.

    Ringo's Mom

  4. This is awesome! I love your little boy!

  5. I would totally download that.

  6. Oh Bob. There are so many new bands out there who could benefit from your direction on band names and songs. You truly rock. And you and your friends have some awesome names.

    (Also, Fiona's band name is StarBERST [not to be confused with the candy] and Neve's is Kitten Parade... you know, in case you need an opener.)