Thursday, June 6, 2013

About That Cushion

Remember when our dogs ate our couch? (To be fair, I'm sure those leather cushions were delicious.) That was back in January. I went to see Salvador the upholsterer and ordered a new cushion.

Salvador said it was an easy job and the cushion would be ready the following week. That week came and went, no cushion. He promised the next week. Another week passed and nothing. The next week when I called he explained it might be a couple of weeks because it was taking him longer than he expected to finish another job.

In mid-February, we moved our cushion-less couch out to the garage. Seeing it every day was just a reminder of our cushion failure.

Then it was March. I called for a status update and Salvador told me that the old cushions that I brought in to him to measure had been accidentally thrown away and that he would need to come out to take measurements of our couch. He did. He said we should have our new cushion the following week.

Another week passed. Mr. Rosenberg had become impatient with not having a couch. We bought a new one. I called Salvador again and left a message. He didn't call back. Now checking in with Salvador was just part of my routine, something I did a few times a week, like laundry. I wasn't going to stop now, I had too much time invested in the process.

And then it was April. He had been letting my calls go to voice-mail for the past few weeks. I tried calling Salvador from my house phone. Since he didn't have that number in his cell and wouldn't recognize who it was on the caller ID I thought he might pick up. It worked. He answered and let me know that he was unable to get the fabric I had picked out and that I needed to come back in and make a new selection. I did. He expected to have it done in about five days.

Three weeks later, he reported that he had the fabric, he just needed to pick up the foam. It should take about a week to make that happen.

Last week on my Thursday call in, Salvador said that he was ready to go and that it would be ready on Monday. I waited until Wednesday to call in.

"It's ready," he said.

"No way. Really? You're serious?" I thought he might have me confused with someone else.

"It's been ready since Monday, just like I said."

Just like he said.


  1. His slogan? Delivering quality service to you in only 2/3 of the time it takes to gestate a baby.

  2. May I suggest you look for a new workman?

  3. And why did you ever doubt him? Oh ye of little faith!

  4. Dude. Can I get his number? I've got a tear in my recliner cushion and I absolutely, positively need it repaired by next year.


  5. My parents had the same issue when the ordered a couch. They saw it in the show room, selected the fabric and were told it would take two weeks. Two weeks went by, no word. Called, were told something about the fabric being back ordered. It went along, just like your tale, for another two months. They ended up canceling the order and buying a different couch. Again, that one took way longer to get in then expected. What is it about couches???

  6. Lisa, you made me laugh. Also, this?

    "we moved our cushion-less couch out to the garage. Seeing it every day was just a reminder of our cushion failure."

    This is we moved my Gramma to the garage.

  7. Saint Lisa. Your patience is inspiring. Really.

  8. Salvador Upholstery - House of Crapmanship! You can write the funny into anything.

  9. This reminds me of a two-year odyssey I had with Solutions trying to get a turntable repaired. Several conspiracy theories later, the turntable is in my basement. Not working. I'm happy to hear you had a better outcome (and am hoping you got a substantial discount)...

  10. He didn't charge you for two days' storage at least.

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